A compassionate shift
from survivor
to an authentic self.

Japan's first Certified Trauma Recovery Coach
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What is trauma recovery coaching? 

“Who am I?”

“Am I good enough?”

“How can I overcome my childhood trauma?”
“How can I adapt to Japanese society?"
“How can I get out of feeling stuck?”
“How can I become more confident?”
“What is self-care? Do I deserve it?”
“How can I reconnect with my true self?”

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

You are not alone.

I understand how you feel because I've been there.

Letting go of old beliefs that used to serve you for survival, but no longer do. Gain back the connection with your body and emotions, healing the old wound. Finding inner peace and reconnect with your true self.

So I understand how much pains you are going through and the level of desire to find answers.

Therefore, you may be surprised to discover that you already have "ANSWERS" inside you.


However, recovery and discovering your answers do not happen overnight. Also confronting trauma recovery by all yourself alone will increase the level of challenges.

Trauma recovery coaching is the way to support you with clearing your mind to reach your inner answers.

Without good questions, it will be challenging to unlock your hidden answers.


My passion is to support trauma survivors in their transformation to the phoenix.


I support people who are struggling with


 💙 Childhood trauma

 💙 Complex PTSD 

 💙 Burnout 

 💙 Imposter syndrome 
 💙 Adaptation of life in Japan
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Present and Future







Through the questions, you will find the answer within you.

Trauma Recovery Coaching is not a medical practice.  Dr Blue don't give diagnoses. Also, currently, active suicidality clients are not suitable for coaching sessions. 

Origin of Dr title is coming from PhD in biochemistry, Dr Blue is not a licensed psychologist/clinical counsellor or psychiatrist. As such, I do not provide diagnosis, mental health assessment, medication, or mediation advice. 


I had the opportunity to work with Eri for 12 weeks and want to share how grateful I am.  Eri is a calm presence who gave me space to feel strong emotions and explore where I wanted to go. I greatly appreciate that because I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and having a safe space to be able to process was so important to me.  She is truly able to hear beyond the words spoken to understand what’s really going on.  While my sessions didn’t necessarily focus on my childhood trauma, I know that residual effects of the trauma are still affecting me and she was able to help me clear through quite a bit of it.  I highly recommend Eri to anyone who wants a calm and insightful coach!

Helen Brenner / Professional Coach / USA

When I came to Eri I was lacking confidence in my abilities in many areas of my life. 
Eri has held a safe space with a non-judgmental attitude, patience and compassion while listening to my story. I felt supported and guided along the way of discovering ways to compassionately connect with myself and developed useful tools to face challenging situations. 
In just a short amount of time, I felt my confidence increased and started taking action towards a freer life. I warmly recommend Eri to anybody that wants to learn how to overcome their challenges and live a high-quality life.

Alina Mihai /Romania 

My multiple sessions was exactly what I needed. My transition into staying in Japan was getting difficult. I was getting discouraged. The pandemic was weighing on me. Talking with Eri, helped me have hope again. Motivated me to work harder and remain tenacious. She's able to help me become aware of my weaknesses, so I can face them, head on, when they arise. 

After, each session I felt calmer & re-energized. 

I highly recommend sessions with Eri.

Jovan C. / USA

During the session, Eri asked many details of the issues which I am facing. Through her questions, I found the issues in depth. Eri's coaching style was open. She didn't force me for the ideal answer or strategies, but she always tried to find appropriate phrases or questions which I can open up myself and find the answer within me. Eri was always patient and kind to me. Therefore it was easy for me to open up, and I was able to focus on my transformation. During the session, I was able to rise the urge for the changes. Eri helped me to take the first step and accept who I am. Last but not least, through the sessions, I was able to learn how to trust myself and love myself were a huge realization.

Anonymous / Japan

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About Eri BLUE, PhD, MMSc, RD, CTRC


In my life, I have faced many challenges due to my childhood traumas which originated physically, mentally, emotionally, culturally and sexually, but now I can confidently say : 

❤️ I understand pains

❤️ I believe we all have strength and resilience inside of us

❤️ I know it is possible to overwrite the pains of our past trauma with post-traumatic growth. 

I have spent much of my life struggling with low self-confidence, imposter syndrome, burnout, depression and suicidal ideations/attempts. No matter how I’ve tried, these pains have followed me. Also, I was born in Japan but spent part of my childhood in the USA and took PhD course in Italy. These experiences have allowed me to understand the challenges of adjusting to cultures abroad. Also how tough to re-adjust to your own country after you were exposed to another culture. 

Therefore, along the way, I have learned so much and now, I understood:  

“Trauma was whispering its lies to me” and I saw these lies and believed they were true for a very long time.

No one needs to suffer and continue living in such lies. As an adult, now we’ll be able to gift ourselves the safety and love which was taken away from us, in a gentle manner.

During the sessions, I'll provide a safe space for you to be able to reconnect with your authentic self. I will support and guide you as you rediscover the true strength and beauty that I know you have deep inside. 



  • Japan's first Certified Trauma Recovery Coach by IAOTRC

  • PhD in the Biochemistry        【University of Milan, 🇮🇹 】

  • Master in Medical science【University of Miyazaki, 🇯🇵 】

  • Bachelor in Nutrition       

  • Hold National Registered Dietician license in 🇯🇵

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